mardi 14 février 2012

Saving Your Marriage In Times Of Trouble Posted By: Amber Milne

Its easy, when this happens to want to walk away or to look elsewhere.

Nobody consciously decides that they will go out and have an affair just because their marriage is going through hard times, but, the danger is that as a couple you start to spend less and less time together.
You no longer talk about issues or problems, you are so busy with the children, or your careers and running a home and the demands and pressures of each of these that instead of working together as a team, without realizing it you both start to do your own thing.

You don't have time for each other, let alone to discuss these problems which you can both see are looming in the horizon.

There are two things that can happen at this point.

The first is that yo marriage tips, marriage counselor, marriage counseling

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