mercredi 2 mai 2012

Jump Into The Motivational Hole

If you've ever finished something big, whether it's you've written a book, finished school, quit your job, created a video game or finished anything else that previously would take up a huge part of your time and now does not anymore, you might know this situation: Even though you might have had big plans for how to fill your days you just can't motivate yourself to do anything. You feel a bit confused, maybe go through a lot of emotions. You feel most content when you're just resting and taking time off. If you try to be "productive" you get distracted easily and you have a hard time getting into the creative flow. You wonder what's wrong with you and maybe beat yourself up because you feel like you're wasting time. This is not your normal state of being but started after you've finished your last big project. What's going on?

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