dimanche 13 mai 2012

Executors Of A Will Posted By: Nicholas Jervis

When someone passes away, it will be up to their executors to complete the probate process, administer their estate and carry out their final wishes. But what exactly is an executor? What do their responsibilities entail? And who can you ask for help if you feel unable to cope with the duty of being an executor?

What is an executor?

When you make a last will and testament, you are allowed to name four executors. These will be the people responsible for administering your estate after you are gone. It is a considerable amount of work, so you should think carefully about who to appoint. You may choose a relative or a close friend, or you may choose a professional such as a solicitor or an accountant. Whoever you name, you must ensure that ...executors of a will, executor of a will, solicitors birmingham

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